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Is there a link between unpleasant early childhood experiences and SADS?

November Newsletter from Alastair Yarrow and Diane Stauder

Is there a link between unpleasant early childhood experiences and SADS?

SADS, what are they? A biological disease or a psychological based recurrent problem?

There is the theory that levels of the “Happy hormone”, Seratonin , are down due to a lack of sunlight. But who has ever given a blood sample to check for the appropriate dosage of the “biomedical” answer? Or even advised to avoid dark glasses?

SADS always seems to occur in the autumn with the falling levels of sunlight and the increasing hours of darkness. If it is a biological problem perhaps there is little that can be done naturally when we are told that pollution is cutting out the sunlight and with global warming there is actually more pollution held in the lower atmosphere to which the body reacts.

Take then the psychological approach. What are the symptoms? Increased lassitude, change of diet, change in sleep pattern, a hate of the dark evenings, actual physical pains Mention “psychological problem” and we suffer the perennial taunts of “Pull yourself together, it’s all in the mind.” The remark is hostile and humiliating and with low self-consciousness engenders an intense fear of the season. In Homoeopathy we recognise that fears and anxieties have physical manifestations which when not acknowledged, progress to deeper psychological states. These can be of great fatigue, big changes in diet and sleep patterns along with a desire to isolate oneself and more!

The scenario: When a child is ready for school he should have the confidence and a desire to go because he is ready to set out on a new phase of his life. Going to school is the commencement of the initiations toward adulthood. For the most mature it is still a time of caution but once he has created a sense of security around himself he can then expand his horizons and socialise.

Supposing that first day at school is catastrophic? The child is suddenly very vulnerable and fearful. He can not turn to another, confidence in his own capabilities is reduced or lost.

It is the child who will say nothing and successfully hides his discomfort by conforming but just waits for the final bell to escape home. This pattern can be repeated at the transition to Secondary school and University. Some overcome the problem but for those who do not there may be an insidious trigger with the autumnal days to reawaken the trauma deep in the body memory. No one can escape the changes in daylight. Talking with a number of friends afflicted with SADS this has in fact been a common story.

Where there has been a traumatic experience, coming to terms with it turns it into a valuable experience and a greater understanding of the significance of Childhood experiences.

Whatever the origins it is worth talking to your local Homoeopath

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