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Health journalist finds increase in mental illness can be attributed to medications

Mental Health has again hit the headlines with the statistics produced by medical journalist Robert Whitaker showing that the increase of apparent mental illness, (in the USA) appears to be linked to antidepressant or antipsychotic medications or their side effects.

His statistics illustrate that those who used minimal antidepressant/antipsychotic medication and seek alternative therapies were sooner able to regain a quality life and return to work. For those on long term medication the future was not always as healthy.

“The Kings Speech” and Trauma

Have you see The King’s Speech? Have you wondered how or why Berti’s wife, Elizabeth was determined to seek out the unqualified, unaccepted, Australian speech therapist rather than continue with the orthodox medical establishment ? Because she was already confident in her knowledge and use of Homoeopathy! Remember, Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, lived, in good health, to 100yrs and her primary health care was tended to her by her Homoeopath!

Learn to appreciate symptoms

Having just attended the Dr Michael Corry Memorial Conference at UCC “Critical positions on and beyond recovery,” we were all reminded of the power of the mind upon our health; the way our DNA will respond according to our thoughts. With positive, sincere, thoughts and actions and we can protect ourselves from unhealthy responses of mind or body, even when we cannot avoid the impact of some external event.

St. Valentines Day – Homeopathy and affairs of the heart

Affairs of the heart, a loss that has not been addressed.

The effects of the thoughts of love are an excellent example as to how emotions affect the body specifically the heart. This is one of the basic tenets of Homoeopathy. How our “thoughts” and what is said to us, possibly negative, impacts upon the body.

Arnica – remedy for this icy season in A&E

Welcome to the New Year. What a start with the wintry weather. A fun time for many but not all. The remedy of the moment must be ARNICA. For any slip or fall on the ice bound pavements and roads or knocks when playing in the snow.

Arnica does treat bruises. Bruises however small include an element of Shock. We can perhaps encourage people to realise for themselves the benefits of this simple homoeopathic remedy when one of the leading symptoms is “I’m ok, leave me alone?”Yes often exactly that!

Eight dysfunctions that influence health

This script did go out earlier this year but it is even more significant and important now. Our health is our true wealth. Over the remaining days of ’09 it may be a useful activity to ponder on these factors as each one has an impact upon not only our health but that of our children and families and those we have lost touch with through conflict and disagreement.

8 dysfunctions that influence health. Carolyne Myss.
1. Unresolved/deeply consuming emotional, psychological or spiritual stress

Halloween Remedies

Fireworks are already exploding into the sky, day and night, not to everyone’s delight. Animals, children and many adults, especially the elderly, are frightened by sudden loud bangs. Fear of sudden noises and an impact upon hearing are two problems not to mention the potential for serious burns.

Allergies and Homeopathy

What are your allergies? We are constantly warned of nuts in food, dust mites, pollen and many more. Allergies are like phobias or panic attacks; they can come upon us without warning or as, in the case of Hay fever very much aware of the approach of the pollen season

With the flu epidemic around, any useful remedies?

What I found a most useful remedy was Oscilliococcinum 200c worked a treat on me, then I had a relapse from a bit of the New years celebrations which were mild, a trip up a hill in sub zero conditions followed by a warm swim which has never been a good thing for me anyway.

Hay Fever and Airborne Allergies

With the approach of some summer weather and the pollens are on the increase now is the time to prepare for Hay fever or allergies.

Listed below are the common Homoeopathic remedies with a few key symptoms to help you find one that can reduce or clear the problem.