Homeopathy used to counter Chikungunya Virus in India

The Chikungunya Virus is a virulent alphavirus spread by the Yellow Fever Mosquito which has been sweeping through many northern and southern Indian states.

There is no vaccine and no conventional cure for the suspected 11 million cases in India (government figures). Indian authorities maintain that this is a non-fatal disease and that no deaths have occured from it as yet.

There is a story in today's Hindu saying the the Andhra Pradesh government is distribuiting homeopathic remedies to treat the disease. Readers of this site will already know of Homeopathy's track record in epidemics and in India the remedies Rhus. Tox., Eupatorium and Bryonia have been recommended as being effective, all common remedies standard kits.

Symptoms (from Wikipedia)

.... fever which can reach 39°C, (102.2 °F) a petechial or maculopapular rash usually involving the limbs and trunk, and arthralgia or arthritis affecting multiple joints which can be debilitating. There can also be headache, conjunctival infection and slight photophobia . In the present epidemic in the state of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu India, high fever and crippling joint pain is the prevalent complaint. Fever typically lasts for two days and abruptly comes down, however joint pain, intense headache, insomnia and an extreme degree of prostration lasts for a variable period, usually for about 5 to 7 days.

Some deaths have been reported but it was thought to be due mainly to the inappropriate use of antibiotics and anti inflammatory tablets. The major cause of morbidity is due to severe dehydration, electrolyte imbalance and loss of glycemic control. Recovery is the rule except for about 3 to 5% incidence of prolonged arthritis. As this virus can cause thrombocytopenia , injudicious use of these drugs can cause erosions in the gastric epithelium leading to exsanguinating upper GI bleed (due to thrombocytopenia). Also the use of steroids for the control of joint pains and inflammation is dangerous and completely unwarranted.

If 11 million people in Europe or America had this virus, national emergencies would be declared and it would be all over the news. The Pasteur Institute in Paris claims that Chikungunya has mutated so as to be spread by the Tiger Mosquito, a species currently invading the Mediterranian region of Europe, so it may arrive there yet.