Exams and your health

May and June are the traditional exam months whether at School or College. After years of study these exams bring about, for example, the completion of childhood and adolescence and or passport to a new stage in life. Whichever, a time of CHANGE. A time of anxiety and even fear at one extreme and elation at the other.

Sometimes one should ask for whom is the problem greatest, student or parent? These dilemmas can stir up deep emotions and it can be these very emotions that can be the motivation to success or disaster.

Take a look at the situation within your family and it may be necessary to consider the preparation as part of a journey; the outcome of the exams may be failure or success but lead to an unexpected change in the planned pathway. Many great scholars, business people and entrepreneurs did not achieve their goals in exams but would agree that this “failure” had been the essential motivation to strive in the new direction.

However at this point in time most students are preparing diligently for their exams. Supportive family and friends are a blessing. This helps reduce or remove all unnecessary anxieties or obstacles. For the anxious parent, examine your own thoughts and fears. Ask yourself what is this anxiety about, after all, it is not your exam?

If you are the student, there is always the question about the completion of the course work and projects but also, believe this or not, some are sitting exams in subjects or for qualifications they do not wish to pursue! What can happen then, is they intentionally set out to underachieve as this seems to be the only way to make a point. Sadly this negative mind set can also be destructive.

Remember, it is only an exam. It does not have to control your present or future but to have the additional subject under your belt can prove useful in years to come. Those who were perpetually, and dejectedly, performing poorly in exams can vouch for the value of the knowledge and this experience in their repertory of skills later in life. Exams are not everything! But they have their uses.

For those preparing for exams give yourself time to be able to relax; quality food to feed both body and mind and, what many forget, is good water. Even if you know your study and exam habits, dehydration is a major inhibitor of concentration. Try a glass of water 20minutes before any food several times a day and experience the result. Avoid or reduce caffeinated and alcoholic drinks as these trigger water loss and promote dehydration.

Don’t punish yourself, if you need to relax, to calm frayed nerves, Bach Rescue Remedy is a simple and useful solution. Better still, talk to someone you are close to whether in your family, school or college.

There are several Homoeopathic remedies, for example,

  • Argentum nitricum for anticipatory anxieties.
  • Gelsemium after a period of concentrated study and just before the exam one suddenly feel exhausted.
  • Aconite for the great fear when reminded of a past exam crisis.
  • Arsenicum for the restless sleep around midnight.
  • Silica, a sudden almost unfounded fear of failure due to loss of confidence.

Before selecting any Homoeopathic remedy first check with the shop assistant that the remedy fits your anxiety symptoms or seek advice from your local Homoeopath.

Best wishes for the exams and know that in the light of a bad experience someone is there to listen and  give you support.