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‘Flu’s and Tummy bugs

‘Flus and Tummy bugs

At the moment there seems to be a variety of ‘flus, coughs and tummy problems making the rounds. Sometimes the three are together and some times separate. What do you look for to select an appropriate remedy that will act homoeopathically?

  1. Location, where is it, all over the body or in one place?
  2. What is the dominant sensation? Sharp, burning, dry, tickle etc.
  3. What makes you feel better or worse?
  4. Is there a time of day or night that the problem appears or feels worst?

Two good ‘flu remedies are Gelsemium and Eupatorium perfoliatum. The differentiation is the first makes the muscles ache and the second the bones and joints.

Arsenicum has been effective for anyone with vomiting and diarrhoea, burning pains in the stomach, burning thirst or restlessness around midnight.

Bryonia; burning pains; terrible thirst; Very irritable; Worse for absolutely any movement! Useful for that dry cough.

Pulsatilla. An excellent child’s remedy. They will be very clingy and weepy. Do not want to be in a stuffy room! May follow eating too much of a rich food.

Aconite. Take the remedy immediately an ailment hits you and you can reduce its impact. Ideal also when children have been playing outside on a cold but dry day and later on suddenly fall ill. Also for the child who wakes after midnight with a high temperature

Veratrum album. Violent vomiting and a great thirst for cold water.

Nux vomica, Normally associated with over eating of rich foods but the sensation of nausea especially in the morning with great difficulty to vomit or pass any stool but better once passed!

Chamomilla. Screams and can not be consoled. Colicky pains; a good teething remedy.

These are a few key notes to identify a useful remedy.

Take the remedy every half hour or so in an acute situation for one day only. Once symptoms begin to change take less often. Or if complete improvement stop giving it. If no change look carefully at the symptom picture and try another remedy. There are many more remedies that help the body overcome the ailments but only a few are available at your local Health Food Store. When in doubt seek help from your local Homoeopath.

Remember that fevers are useful. They kill off bacteria and viruses that get into the blood system and body. The act of perspiration is one of the body’s ways to expel them from the body.