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Hay Fever Time Is Here Again.

Hay Fever Time Is Here Again.

Having  survived the asthma attacks of the winter now is the time to prepare for Hay fever and other airborne allergies.

Listed below are the common Homoeopathic remedies with a few key symptoms to help you find one that can reduce or even clear the problem. But where there has been a history of Hay fever professional advice should be sort.

Most remedies that can be bought at the local Health Store or Chemist will be either as 6C or 30C. The well indicated remedy is more important than the potency. 6Cs can be taken up to 4 times a day and 30C  perhaps twice a day . When symptoms change, stop taking the remedy but  if there is no change then do consult your local Homoeopath as there may well be an underlying factor that reduces the effectiveness of any remedy.

It is worth reducing all dairy products as they clog up mucus membranes exasperating coughs and allergic responses, and sugar foods as they seriously reduce the body’s healing capabilities in any illness!
To help you decide on a remedy,  note of the symptom picture of the problem and the emotional state.

Any discharge; what colour; any burning; what makes the symptoms worse or better. Any particular effect upon eyes or nose. Any effect upon the mouth and taste; on thirst; any variation at a particular time of day; any changes being in or out doors in the sun, rain or wind?

  • Allium cepa.  Profuse watery, burning discharge from nose. Eyes red, itchy and  wants to rub them; worse in a warm room and violent sneezing.
  • Apis.  Worse heat; throat swollen; hives; puffy face; eyes itch; Worse at night and much worse for touch.
  • Arsenicum. Burning tears; Worse right side; Very restless, worse around midnight; Feel chilly; Very thirsty for sips of water; Worse light; better in a warm room.
  •  Euphrasia. Profuse burning, watery tears; bland nasal discharge;  smarting eyes, cheeks red; Eyes worse for open air; nose worse at night.
  • Natrum muriaticum. Occurs Spring and/or Autumn; Worse for any emotional upset; watery discharge, loss of smell; dry cracked lips and worse morning.
  • Nux vomica. Irritable; chilly; steady nasal discharge through day; Worse indoors; Better in open air; Worse for cold water.
  • Pulsatilla. Runny nose in day, congestion at night with nose blocked first thing in morning; Worse warm room. Better fresh air; Roof of mouth itches; No thirst.  Emotionally Clingy.
  • Sulphur. Worse for heat or sun; nose is stuffed up indoors but runny outside; Nose and eyes red. Discharge burns and smells. Can be asthmatic, sound wheezy, after exercise.

There are also several combination Homoeopathic and Herbal remedies available in the shops.  By using a single remedy that reflects the symptoms you have the advantage of   knowing which one works. In the case with acute remedies, if there is no improvement after a day check the symptom picture again as there will be a better remedy.

Remember that theBach Rescue Remedy is always a very useful first aid and panic attacks  for any one who becomes greatly distressed in any condition.

This is April’s Newlsetter from Alastair Yarrow

Alastair Yarrow & Diane Strauder, are members of the Irish Society of Homeopaths. They currently run Natural healing clinics in Arklow, Wicklow and in Gorey, Wexford.. They also hold special Children’s clinic on the 3rd saturday of each month at the arklow Centre, from 10am – 2pm. It is there for children with acute ailments, coughs, colds, tummy problems etc. They also offer the opportunity for parents to ask about how Homeopathy can help with chronic ailments or emotional and or behavioural difficulties at home or school.