There really is a healthy alternative

Christopher Smallwood, an economist with no bias or agenda, was asked to look at the incorporation of CAM into the UK NHS. The report was commissioned in association with FreshMinds market research consultants. Here is his article on the final report, published in the London Times last summer.

The full report is available here on the FreshMinds website

There really is a healthy alternative

It is a confusing scene, and two years ago Prince Charles asked me if I could come up with a “reasonable outsider’s” view of the likely effectiveness of different therapies and the possibilities for cost savings if they were adopted. As an economist who had filled senior positions in government, industry and banking, I was not a party to any of the warring factions.

I had no preconceptions about complementary medicine beyond some mild scepticism, ameliorated in my case by a successful experience at the British School of Osteopathy, which I had recently entered doubled up with back pain, leaving half an hour later fully straightened out......

....On homeopathy, contrary to what is often claimed, we found the evidence inconclusive, concluding: “The most that can safely be said is that there are many conditions commonly treated by homeopaths for which they report good results.”