The Benefits of Homoeopathy in Sports Medicine

With the Olympics , this year the emphasis is upon

“The Benefits of Homoeopathy in Sports Medicine.”

The advantages that a Homoeopathic remedy has over traditional medications is the absence of both side effects and the danger of banned substances.

Homoeopathic remedies are well known for healing sprains, bruises, fractures, cuts and bruises etc.

Homoeopathic Remedies not only take account of the physical symptoms but also the emotional and the psychological symptoms. Take an injury received in a typical competitive situation. There is physical trauma to a part of the anatomy. Negative thoughts do not help promote recovery. There is upset and indignation over the “incident” accompanied by anxiety, fear or even despair of full recovery! This precise information is taken into account for remedy selection!

In every form of competitive sport there has to be total commitment with the result that many injuries are the product of years of physical and even emotional duress i.e. stress!

There are dedicated coaches and parents training potential sports stars to their limits, and sadly sometimes beyond!

The general remedies for injuries are Arnica, Bryonia, Rhus tox, Ruta, Calendula and Hypericum. To determine a specific remedy that links physical, emotional and mental symptoms does need a level of expertise found in the qualified Homoeopath with a background in a competitive sport.

There are also remedies that assist the athlete with the mind set and physical fatigue demanded in training.

There are several “constitutions” to be seen in the sporting arena.

There is the person who aims high from early in life and gets very depressed if he does not win. He then feels guilty for letting others down. An injury is seen as a punishment!

Or, he trains hard but on the day lacks confidence and then predicts his own failure. He can become so exhausted he feels paralysed.

Or, he is so anxious to respond to the expectations of others that before the event he becomes nervous, even fastidious, and must prepare according to well tested routines.

Or, he is generally easy going but surprisingly stubborn and will stick to training schedules what ever for fear of failure. Then on the day a sudden, total loss of confidence can lead to injury.

Each one of these is a state addressable with a specific homeopathic remedy.

If you have never tried Homoeopathy and participate in a sport or any physical activity, try some Arnica after the event especially if you receive any trauma to body, limb or joint or just feel exhausted! Put one pill under the tongue and let it dissolve...and experience what happens!

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