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Health journalist finds increase in mental illness can be attributed to medications

Mental Health has again hit the headlines with the statistics produced by medical journalist Robert Whitaker showing that the increase of apparent mental illness, (in the USA) appears to be linked to antidepressant or antipsychotic medications or their side effects.

His statistics illustrate that those who used minimal antidepressant/antipsychotic medication and seek alternative therapies were sooner able to regain a quality life and return to work. For those on long term medication the future was not always as healthy.

What is clear whether one follows the biological, psychosocial or energetic approach to mental illness, prevention is better than cure.

What is clear in general is that a traumatic incident, regardless of whether of physical or energetic/material or non-material origins impacts on both the physical body and the mind. The body ‘absorbs’ the assault and either literally shakes it off or holds/stores it in the deeper tissues. In the latter case there then is a memory, one could say how else do we learn? But later when similar events occur the sub conscious memory is awakened, initially as a nominal sensation but in time it will escalate to a debilitating force. It would appear that the ‘holding’ is within the weakest tissues or organs and this is what determines the initial physical manifestation as dysfunction or later, actual structural changes. Ie. . Ignored or further suppressed, leads to serious physical or mental disease.

The best pathway is prevention! This means you must learn to be attentive to your body and mind and mindfully take note of the responses. When you can off load them that is healthy; if you ignore or deny them, one day you may wonder why you are sick! Most acutes, sudden illnesses, are preceded by an emotional upheaval or shock. The trauma makes your weakest tissue or organ vulnerable…your weakest link. Which is why we may all respond differently to the same trigger. Some with a fever, some with a chill, others with a stomach or digestive problem and others with an unexpected emotional outburst often called psychosis!

Homoeopathic remedies are one of the energetic approaches that is appropriate to energetic causes!