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Halloween Remedies

Fireworks are already exploding into the sky, day and night, not to everyone’s delight. Animals, children and many adults, especially the elderly, are frightened by sudden loud bangs. Fear of sudden noises and an impact upon hearing are two problems not to mention the potential for serious burns.

Swine ‘flu Homeopathy Remedies

The latest outbreak of Swine ‘flu has well and truly set in here in Ireland and is spreading quickly. Claims that Tamiflu is the magic bullet have already met with scepticism in the press. So what can you do with Homeopathy? Quite a lot – Homeopathy has an excellent track record in epidemics – there is a statue of Hahnemann, the founder of Homeopathy, in Paris erected to him by a grateful Napoleon after he singlehandedly stopped a cholera epidemic in troops returning from the Russian front to name just one example. There are a range of tried and trusted ‘flu remedies.

Here’s the advice I’ve been working with so far.

(Please note the usual diclaimers apply – this does not constitute medical advice, is not intended to replace same or encourage self-diagnosis and is presented here for educational purposes only)

  1. Influenzinum 9c – take one dose every week for four weeks, and then, take the last dose one month later. This is intended as a strengthening/preventative measure.
  2. Oscillococcinum aka Anas Barb 200c. There are two names for this remedy. It’s Anas Barb in Nelsons. This is to be taken on the first onset of ‘flu symptoms. It should catch the early onset of the ‘flu.
  3. The Indicated Remedy if you actually get the full blown ‘flu, then give the indicated ‘flu remedy according to the symptoms.The indicated remedy in pandemics is usually very consistent and called the “genus epidemicus“. This is narrowed down to a shortlist of three or less. When more information is gathered about the common symptoms of the ‘flu in the UK & Ireland, this post will be updated with these common remedies.Update: The swine ‘flu task force of the SPHQ in Canada is recommending a protocol involving the remedies Arsenicum, Baptisia, Pyrogen alongside Anas Barb – all in 200c

Allergies and Homeopathy

What are your allergies? We are constantly warned of nuts in food, dust mites, pollen and many more. Allergies are like phobias or panic attacks; they can come upon us without warning or as, in the case of Hay fever very much aware of the approach of the pollen season.

Irish School students Launch student clinic website

The 3rd year students at the Irish School of Homeopathy have lauched a swanky new website for their student clinic. The clinic is run as part of the 4 year practitioner course in the senior years and is overseen by a qualified and experienced practitioner. It’s a great opportunity to receive very cost effective professional homeopathic treatment while helping student practitioners gain experience.

Irish School of Homoeopathy Student Clinic

With the flu epidemic around, any useful remedies?

What I found a most useful remedy was Oscilliococcinum 200c worked a treat on me, then I had a relapse from a bit of the New years celebrations which were mild, a trip up a hill in sub zero conditions followed by a warm swim which has never been a good thing for me anyway.

Cuba prevents annual epidemic among 2.5m people using homeopathy

Cuban medical researchers have successfully prevented the annual outbreak of Leptospirosis in Cuba among a population of 5 million people across two regions using homeopathy in both 2007 and 2008, a homeopathy conference in Havana Cuba heard recently.

Hay Fever and Airborne Allergies

With the approach of some summer weather and the pollens are on the increase now is the time to prepare for Hay fever or allergies.

Listed below are the common Homoeopathic remedies with a few key symptoms to help you find one that can reduce or clear the problem.

Wicklow Homeopaths at Farokh Master’s Clinic, Mumbai

Tara Rafferty & Suzi Duff from the Wicklow Homeopathy Clinic recently visited Farokh Master’s clinics in Mumbai and Puna, India. Here’s Tara’s account of their trip

Suzi, Tara and Annemarie recently returned from a short trip to India.

We were invited to visit Dr Farouk Master’s clinic in Mumbai (Bombay), to observe the day to day running of a homeopathic clinic, prescribing and treatment Indian style. He has a second clinic in Poona, which Suzi ands Annemarie got the chance to visit. It is a state of the art hospital where he receives referrals from other consultants.

The Benefits of Homoeopathy in Sports Medicine

With the Olympics , this year the emphasis is upon

“The Benefits of Homoeopathy in Sports Medicine.”

The advantages that a Homoeopathic remedy has over traditional medications is the absence of both side effects and the danger of banned substances.

Homoeopathic remedies are well known for healing sprains, bruises, fractures, cuts and bruises etc.

Irish Conference on Homeopathy 2008

The 15th Irish Conference on Homeopathy Committee would like to invite you to access the website for this years exciting three-day event on the 27th, 28th & 29th of June 2008 in Galway. There is a truly international line up of speakers this year and it promises to be as stimulating and good craic as previous years!