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World Homeopathy Awareness Week – List of nationwide events

This year check out the following events in your area or in the media during World Homeopathy Awareness Week. We’ll be updating this list regularly during the week.

Free Talks:

Mansion house Mon 16th April at 7.30pm
Free Talk on “Homeopathy for Women”
Ticket only to book
ph: Jean Blake 086-3779974

Homeopathy Information Evening, Wed 11th April at Bodkin’s Bar, Kingsvalley Hotel, Merlin Park, Galway at 6.30pm.

Hay Fever Time Is Here Again.

Hay Fever Time Is Here Again.

Having  survived the asthma attacks of the winter now is the time to prepare for Hay fever and other airborne allergies.

Listed below are the common Homoeopathic remedies with a few key symptoms to help you find one that can reduce or even clear the problem. But where there has been a history of Hay fever professional advice should be sort.

Most remedies that can be bought at the local Health Store or Chemist will be either as 6C or 30C. The well indicated remedy is more important than the potency. 6Cs can be taken up to 4 times a day and 30C  perhaps twice a day . When symptoms change, stop taking the remedy but  if there is no change then do consult your local Homoeopath as there may well be an underlying factor that reduces the effectiveness of any remedy.

Homeopathy Information Evening – Galway, Wed 11th April ’07

The Galway College of Homeopathy is hosting an information evening on Wednesday 11 th April, 2007.   This event is to mark World Homeopathy Awareness Week (10th – 16th April) to inform the public about this form of medicine.  Speakers include Cllr. Niall O’ Brolchain, Mayor of Galway who will talk about his own personal experience of homeopathy.  Ms. Clare Sheehan, long-time practicing homeopath and director of the Galway College, will also be speaking and available for questions.

Potentised Colours Workshop with Fergus Morrison

Potentised Colours Workshop

How colours can support and augment
Homoeopathic treatment

VENUE: St. Colmcille’s Community School, Scholarstown Road
DATE: March 3rd – 4th

TIMES: 10am – 4pm

Does homeopathy work? – Video Debate

At the end of last November the UK Natural History Museum hosted a debate between Dr Peter Fisher, Clinical Director of the Royal London Homeopathic Hospital and Dr Ben Goldacre, medical writer and broadcaster, known for his “Bad Science” articles in the Guardian.

It’s also worth seeing for the discussion among many homeopaths after the debate. The star of the show has to be Fisher’s forensic deconstruction of the Shang et al, study on the basis of which the Lancet declared the “End of Homeopathy”. Making a strong argument that the study, which in the end only looked at 8 studies on homeopathy, was probably an exercise in data trawling for a predetermined outcome.

“Homeopathy in the Irish Potato Famine”

This book, formerly available for free on, has been reprinted and is available by mail order from the author in London, from Kennys Bookshop in Galway.

Francis Treuherz

Irish Conference on Homeopathy 2007

The Irish Conference on Homeopathy takes place this year on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of June this year at NUI Galway.

There’s an initial website up now with descriptions of this year’s speakers , which include Miranda Castro, Brian Kaplan and Misha Norland and looks set to be an interesting conference. A more extensive website will follow shortly.

Helios discounting their kits for Christmas

Helios in the UK have a special offer on their excellent kits this Xmas. Buy between 1 and 4 kits and get a 15% discount and a whopping 50% discount applies to orders of five kits or more.

Is there a link between unpleasant early childhood experiences and SADS?

November Newsletter from Alastair Yarrow and Diane Stauder

Is there a link between unpleasant early childhood experiences and SADS?

SADS, what are they? A biological disease or a psychological based recurrent problem?

There is the theory that levels of the “Happy hormone”, Seratonin , are down due to a lack of sunlight. But who has ever given a blood sample to check for the appropriate dosage of the “biomedical” answer? Or even advised to avoid dark glasses?

SADS always seems to occur in the autumn with the falling levels of sunlight and the increasing hours of darkness. If it is a biological problem perhaps there is little that can be done naturally when we are told that pollution is cutting out the sunlight and with global warming there is actually more pollution held in the lower atmosphere to which the body reacts.

Efficacy of Homeopathics in Worldwide Epidemics

This article by the late Homeopathic Historian, Julian Winston, dissapeared from the site where I had linked to it earlier and appears to have become hard to find. I found a copy using the Wayback Machine and have reproduced it here. It is a little told but stunning account of Homeopathy’s use in various epidemics over the past two hundred years

By Julian Winston, Homeopathic Historian

Some history of the treatment of epidemics with homeopathy