Sleep or Lack of Sleep

Sleep problems are hitting the tabloids. Not so much the discomfort of the sufferer particularly an infant but the attendant parents who need to present themselves at the workstation the following morning too tired to make profitable decisions.

We all need sleep and to lose too much especially when under any “stress” is not conducive to healthy living. “Stress” need only a build up of fatigue after long demanding hours at the office, a commitment to a sick relative or nursing a baby that won’t sleep.

Babies and infants will give Parents many sleepless nights at a time when it is important to work  to pay the bills. There are many causes:- Hunger, thirst, digestive problems,  uncomfortable body temperatures, emotions and even nightmares, even over excitement. Each one  has its own particular cry and Parents should try to learn to recognise those of their child to be able to respond accordingly. This is the earliest form of oral communications and the Parental responses  could determine future emotional development and reactions to irrational fears.

Adults also suffer from periodic loss of sleep or the chronic form, insomnia. The causes are multiple,  from indigestion to emotional upsets and  stresses at the work place.
What is clear is both children and adults   need sleep and when there is a regular disturbance resulting in the loss of sleep  the health and welfare of the individual and the family can eventually be compromised. 

Sleep is something that one can never get ahead of, but the need to get the full compliment is so important that the body will throw up unhealthy signs when a rest is needed. Ignored, these signs  can escalate to all manner of disturbances of bodily functions  and even systems. For example, digestive or skin problems, along with undue irritability and anxieties over trifles, reflecting a reduced or altered  thinking capacity. How often  is a weekend or the first few days of a holiday taken up with a lethargy demanding rest or sleep?

Insomnia in young adults is of particular importance as the consequences can be dire.  The late nights and partying activities maintained by  stimulants and emotional ups and downs, inadequate diet and lack of sleep can promote a life style that can later be very difficult to change.

Not all sleep problems are the fault of the sufferer. There may be an hereditary connection particularly where there has been a history of respiratory problems in the family.

Before you become dependant upon a sleeping pill  why nor consult your local Homoeopath?