Remedy Families: The Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes

This is a Project on the Homeopathic Bowel Nosodes of Bach and Paterson, their history, theory, practice guidelines and remedy descriptions with mind maps. Covers the remedies Morgan Pure, Morgan Gaertner, Gaertner, Proteus, Sycotic Co., Dysentry Co., plus notes on probiotics, antibiotics bowel flora and connections to other remedies.

The Bowel Nosodes are a series of homeopathic remedies made from human intestinal flora, developed first by Dr. Edward Bach and continued by John Patterson and his wife, Elizabeth from 1920 until 1960. Bach went on to develop his range of 38 flower essences, including the Rescue Remedy. The Bowel Nosodes were used chiefly in British Homeopathic practice but after some years of neglect they are gaining more favour, especially now with the issues of allergies and antibiotic damage prevalent in today's patients. Their field of action is much broader than their name suggests, with indicating symptoms arising from the whole system rather than just the bowel.

Bach discovered that certain non-lactose fermenting bacteria were more prevalent in the stool of sick people than in healthy people. This led him to type these bacteria and investigate their connection with pathology. Up until this point, these bacteria had been ignored even to the point of being unnamed and generally regarded as harmless.

Initially, Bach created conventional vaccines from these cultures and administered them to patients. However, after reading The Organon while working at the London Homeopathic Hospital in 1919 as house pathologist and assistant bacteriologist, he was struck by the connections between conventional vaccine theory and the Homeopathic Law of Similars and sought to link the two disciplines..... Continued in the PDF reader from below.....

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This project was completed for the remedy family projects handed in at the 3rd year end of term asessment at the Irish School of Homoeopathy, Dublin. More to follow in this series.