With the flu epidemic around, any useful remedies?

What I found a most useful remedy was Oscilliococcinum 200c worked a treat on me, then I had a relapse from a bit of the New years celebrations which were mild, a trip up a hill in sub zero conditions followed by a warm swim which has never been a good thing for me anyway.

First session was muscle aches and fever; second, 6 days, later started as dry cough then down to bronchi….cough with an unusual symptom for me, better lying on back. Again plenty of fever with cold extremities and head/skin with little perspiration which was cold.Worse going out to cold and as bad doing to warm room. Rumex eventually shifted it.

Remember, Headline news..RTE 26th September ,"No flu vaccine available for under 65s" Now we are told it is as an epidemic sweeps the country. Is it actually available now with the "Brisbane" strain?

As in all Homoeopathic approaches the intention is both to strengthen the immune system and help both mind and body to reduce the impact of that external assault.

The current 'flu is unusual for it seems to strike twice and the symptom patterns are different.. So two different remedies have been needed.

But it is clear also that if you contact to this 'flu REST and FLUID INTAKE SEEM TO BE CRUCIAL. Don't think you have recovered then within a few days return to work that has been the pattern then 'flu two strikes. Water intake helps with the dehydration effect of the fever. It appears to be very important to let the fever burn itself out if you can let it. Perspiration comes when the fever has destroyed the virus and needs to get the detritus out of the body. In the fever the victim can feel burning internally but freezing to touch.

What do you look for to select an appropriate remedy that will act Homoeopathically?

  1. Location, where is it, all over the body or in one place?
  2. What is the dominant sensation? Sharp, burning, freezing etc.
  3. What makes the offending symptoms feel better or worse?
  4. Is there a time of day or night that the problem appears or feels worst?

These are a few key notes to identify some useful remedy.

  • Gelsemium and Eupatorium perfoliatum are the two most commonly used 'flu remedies. The differentiation is the first has aching muscles and great weariness while the second, the ache is in bones and joints and they will be very restless.
  • Aconite is useful remedy to have. Take the remedy immediately any ailment appears and you can reduce its impact.
  • Belladonna. High temperature; very red hot but dry face and particularly cold hands and feet.
  • Arsenicum is effective for anyone with burning pains, thirst and restlessness around midnight but the person feels very chilly all over.
  • Bryonia: burning pains; terrible thirst; Very irritable; Worse for absolutely any movement! And possibly a dry cough.
  • Pulsatilla. An excellent child's remedy. They will be very clingy and weepy. Do not want to be in a stuffy room!

Take the remedy every half hour or so in an acute situation for one day only. Once symptoms begin to change take less often. Or if complete improvement stop giving it. If no change look carefully at the symptom picture and try another remedy. There are many more remedies that help the body overcome the ailments but only a few are available at your local Health Food Store. When in doubt seek help from your local Homoeopath.

Remember that fevers are useful. They kill off bacteria and viruses that get into the body and blood stream. Perspiration is one of the body's processes to expel toxins from the body and assist in temperature control. The body can be assisted in fighting many complaints simply through re-hydration i.e.by drinking plenty of good water. At all times avoid sugar as it seriously interferes with any healing process whether Homoeopathic or antibiotic. Be aware that 'flu is viral and no antibiotic will prevent it.


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