Allergies and Homeopathy

What are your allergies? We are constantly warned of nuts in food, dust mites, pollen and many more. Allergies are like phobias or panic attacks; they can come upon us without warning or as, in the case of Hay fever very much aware of the approach of the pollen season.

With allergies we show chiefly a physical response to the allergens presence; with panic attacks and phobias there are emotional, mental and physical symptoms. Is there a link? A link could be in the body's wisdom to attempt to protect itself from an attack! In other words it is a survival mechanism to forewarn us that there is a potential threat or danger out there that could cause harm.

The acute attack can generally be easily resolved with a homoeopathic remedy.

  • Allium cepa, the onion would be the remedy when those tears are just like the reaction of the eyes to peeling an onion.
  • Apis, the honey bee sting, when the reaction may be instantaneous, with itchy swellings, hives, puffy eyes and worse for heat. Not unlike the actual sting response.
  • Arsenicum, burning tears, worse on the right side and the individual will be very restless and anxious. They may also sneeze violently.
  • Euphrasia, will have profuse burning tears and a bland nasal discharge which are worse in the open air and at night. For Hay fever that is worse in spring and autumn,
  • Natrum muriaticum. The same remedy can be effective when the allergic response follows an emotional upset.
  • Pulsatilla has a runny nose, congestion at night , worse in a warm room and lying down but better for fresh air, cool applications, itchy roof of the mouth with no thirst.
  • Finally, when there is sun and heat during the summer but the nose feels stuffed up indoors but runs outside. The discharge is burning, Sulphur .

Why the increase in allergies? Why does the body throw up symptoms such as itchy eyes, nose or even a rash? Why can some not tolerate milk or fish or strawberries or E numbers, cat or dog hairs etc?

This will generally be due to inherited weaknesses particularly where there has been chest complaints in the parental families. Diet and emotional stresses can be triggers also. Homoeopathy can not only take care of the acute but will also take care of the predetermining factors and so reduce the possibility of repeated attacks.

If you would like to know more especially if you experience other unpleasant symptoms be aware that there are many more remedies available in the Homoeopathic arsenal but you would need to make an appointment with a qualified Homoeopath. :