Halloween Remedies

Fireworks are already exploding into the sky, day and night, not to everyone's delight. Animals, children and many adults, especially the elderly, are frightened by sudden loud bangs. Fear of sudden noises and an impact upon hearing are two problems not to mention the potential for serious burns.

There are several remedies that can be used for the fright from the loud bangs and some for the burns but prevention is better than cure! Public fireworks displays are safest but there will always be the few who enjoy the effect upon others. Sadly animals can become the target of some and receive serious injuries.

The no 1 remedy for fright and the sort of shock from fireworks would be Aconite. Visualise the situation; the flash and the BANG ; the child cries out, goes pale and then flushes red as the heart beat increases. Aconite will help the individual settle. This would be the same for pets who may run off and hide and physically tremble with fear. It is also possible to use Aconite as a prophylactic; ie give one pill to the child before going out. In the case of pets, put one pill into their drinking water.

The Bach Rescue Remedy is especially useful if the child becomes very emotional. A few drops into the mouth or rubbed onto the wrist will help him settle.

For someone who goes into a cold sweat after the shock, Calcium carbonicum would be the remedy. Fear of loud noises is also part of the Calc carb picture.

Halloween is the time of the supernatural. Even with all the supernatural entertainments, Harry Potter as an example, children still have a big fear of "things that go bump in the night." Superstition still plays a big part in our lives, especially the young. Children are exposed to hundreds of "deaths" in cartoons and films and few will be aware of the research that shows that they young can not distinguish between the real and the fabricated violence. An individual may be so fearful of death, or that something bad will happen to himself or his family that it makes him ill, disturbs his sleep and eating habits!

A traumatic experience which need only be a scary moment can have untold effects on health in the future. It could be the origin of panic attacks many years later!

An interesting little sign to see whether a child is frightened or amused by an event is to observe how much teeth he displays if laughing. Sounds silly but look at a frightened animal. It shows a lot of teeth to appear fearless...we do the same. When these fears are held in they can lead to later physical health problems which if ignored then can become the emotional problems of the future that can control a young life.

There are many other Shock remedies; and for Burns, Cantharis, Arsenicum or Calendula; any problems do ask!

. Aconite or Rescue Remedy are ideal for First Aid and reduce the chance of the chronic situation developing.

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