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Eight dysfunctions that influence health

This script did go out earlier this year but it is even more significant and important now. Our health is our true wealth. Over the remaining days of ’09 it may be a useful activity to ponder on these factors as each one has an impact upon not only our health but that of our children and families and those we have lost touch with through conflict and disagreement.

8 dysfunctions that influence health. Carolyne Myss.
1. Unresolved/deeply consuming emotional, psychological or spiritual stress.

2 . The degree of control that negative belief patterns have on our reality-our beliefs determine how we live. Beliefs are intimately connected to our emotions -beliefs influence emotional responses, The Empowering belief patterns and positive mental attitude are therefore essential to health creation. When /if ill a disempowering belief system leads to destruction.

3 Love. To be able to give and receive unconditionally. In stressful experiences such as in difficult relationships the physical body can deteriorate and breakdown.

4. Humour or lack of humour -with the inability to distinguish serious concerns from lesser concerns. Laughter is always extremely healing.

5 The power of choice and how we exercise it -having control over our own lives-ie allowing us to compromise, alter plans, be flexible/ give and take, respond to the needs of others with ease. Violation of choice leads to dis-ease.

6. Attention to the physical needs of the body. Exercise, nutrition, impact of drugs, alcohol ,and medications, our genetic make up,,. How a person attends to the emotional, physical and chemical stresses of life is connected to the degree of vigour or stamina we display.

7. Existential vacuum the suffering that accompanies the absence or loss of meaning in one’s life. The “Lone Soul” etc leads to despair, depression, and feelings of worthlessness.

8. Denial. Tremendous stress is created from the inability to face certain challenges of life. Much of the stress is created as a result of choosing to block ones own intention or awareness in preference to someone else’s ideas opinions. Acknowledging a situation leads to discussion -> makes it real and can be dealt with.
By expanding the appreciation of the power of the inner self, two things happen.
1. The individual becomes more receptive to learning HOW emotions, attitudes and belief patterns contribute in very specific ways to the creation of health or disease

2. The individual develops the capacity to keep healthy through being aware that NEGATIVE ATTITUDES CREATE NEGATIVE RESPONSES WITHIN THE PHYSICAL BODY.

Then it becomes difficult to allow negativity to go unchallenged since the consequences of diseases are understood to be a very real potential outcome of negative emotions.
We at the Arklow Natural Healing Centre wish you a Happy and Healthy Christmas and 2010.