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Arnica – remedy for this icy season in A&E

Welcome to the New Year. What a start with the wintry weather. A fun time for many but not all. The remedy of the moment must be ARNICA. For any slip or fall on the ice bound pavements and roads or knocks when playing in the snow.

Arnica does treat bruises. Bruises however small include an element of Shock. We can perhaps encourage people to realise for themselves the benefits of this simple homoeopathic remedy when one of the leading symptoms is “I’m ok, leave me alone?”Yes often exactly that!

With this in mind I wonder if a good way to learn about the benefits of Arnica is to encourage parents, especially those with active, adventurous children and are constantly visiting the A&E. Or even when visiting the dentist for invasive dental treatment.( this is not an alternative to the anaesthetic.)

You do not have to put the pill into the mouth it can be placed inside the cheek. It can also be put into a small bottle of water, shaken then either sipped or simply rubbed onto an exposed area of skin, like a hand (but not directly onto cuts or grazes).

You will be pleasantly surprised how quickly the casualty settles and then the healing process can begin. At the same time you can proceed to the A&E without a panic stricken casualty The anxious parent could also take the Arnica for the shock or because he or she is suddenly feeling exhausted, “battered and bruised.”

In most accidents FEAR is the biggest problem. Reduce the fear and the pain, and life is a lot easier for everyone.

Another interesting remedy is Calendula. Normally used as an antibacterial and wound healer, it is an amazing remedy for someone who is making an awful lot of noise when the injury seems pretty insignificant.

Then the ubiquitus Bach Rescue Remedy. A few drops of this either into the mouth or rubbed into the skin will work wonders in almost any traumatic situation.

These remedies are available at your local Health Food Store or local chemist.