St. Valentines Day - Homeopathy and affairs of the heart

Affairs of the heart, a loss that has not been addressed.

The effects of the thoughts of love are an excellent example as to how emotions affect the body specifically the heart. This is one of the basic tenets of Homoeopathy. How our "thoughts" and what is said to us, possibly negative, impacts upon the body.

When we fall out of love we really know the powerful, debilitating emotions and the accompanying painful physical sensations. We may lose our appetite and thirst or conversely binge on foods and drinks that comfort us. All our good habits can go out the door. An appropriate homoeopathic remedy will reflect these mental, emotional and physical sensations and help us to bring balance back into our well being. When this happens we once again can think, feel and act in a manner that is truly "ME".

  • Ignatia is the remedy for grief...for a loss that we need to come to terms with and learn to accept and let go.

  • Staphisagria is also a grief remedy but we have suppressed our hurt and thoughts. It might make you express your true feeling which is valuable for your health.

  • Pulsatilla...for someone who becomes very clingy and weepy.

  • Aconite for someone who on reliving the experience, feels palpitations, and becomes flustered just as in a panic attack.

There are many other remedies that would include symptoms such as: "venomous" with rage. The jilted person in silent grief. Depression with no desire to live or communicate. Or hyperactivity when over the top with unusual behaviour which masks the underlying pain.

Affairs of the heart don't just include the rejected lover. We should remember those who have lost loved ones many years ago and still grieve as if it was yesterday. A loss can be of a possession, a pet, a home, a job, a friend, the past, even a country. Any of these can put stress upon the body. The expression "a heavy heart" is linked to sentimental or nostalgic thoughts and emotions that disempower the mind, feelings and behaviours.

A well selected homoeopathic remedy will help you let the past go. Gently releasing you from the bondage of your own emotions and thoughts. You need never forget loved ones as you will carry the experience with you when you meet and help others in their grief. True empathy. :