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Learn to appreciate symptoms

Having just attended the Dr Michael Corry Memorial Conference at UCC “Critical positions on and beyond recovery,” we were all reminded of the power of the mind upon our health; the way our DNA will respond according to our thoughts. With positive, sincere, thoughts and actions and we can protect ourselves from unhealthy responses of mind or body, even when we cannot avoid the impact of some external event.

As we approach what is being presented as the Budget of all Budgets, what are YOUR actual feelings? I ask you, what do you mean by “feeling”, is it a thought or a sensation? Where is this thought or sensation experienced? What is it like?

Remember, all symptoms, whether thought or sensation, are the body’s way of reminding us all is not well; our ‘psyche’ detects that an outside event has impacted upon us. This is our self- preservation system and when ignored can intensify the symptoms and bring distress, physically or mentally!

As you hear the proposals, note your reactions. Acknowledge your thoughts and feel the sensations. Ask yourself why this particular proposal has upset you? Remember, the body holds on to negative experiences at cellular level. At the deeper levels we can become seriously ill as the tissue or organ’s function is disrupted or distorted. Can you recall when you first experienced this thought or feeling?

In an Acute illness the response is immediate. But when ignored or only the most uncomfortable symptom is treated, the reaction is pushed down to a deeper level and may eventually lead to a Chronic health problem that may gradually take control of your life!

Be proactive, take advantage of this opportunity to learn how to experience your thoughts and physical sensations. You will realise that some acute ailments are a sequel, for example, to ‘hearing bad news.’ Did you become a sad or angry? The production of tears or angry words is healthy. The body has dealt with the problem. Past experiences can also influence this response. You use a Homoeopathic remedy that reflects the trauma!

When we suppress our responses, the body chemistry changes. Treat the effect and the chemistry remains unchanged and you may continue to be vulnerable to bacterial or viral attack. Can you see why some people perpetually succumb to ‘office/school flus and colds? This is why it is better to treat the cause, the emotional trauma rather than just the effect.

Environmental factors, such as this budget, create a thought in us which promotes the change in the body’s bio-chemistry. This becomes the nutrient for bacteria. The budget-to-thought impact was only an energetic transfer! To reverse the bio-chemistry which was created through the thought process… take account of the trauma and use an energy medicine.

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