"The Kings Speech" and Trauma

Have you see The King's Speech? Have you wondered how or why Berti's wife, Elizabeth was determined to seek out the unqualified, unaccepted, Australian speech therapist rather than continue with the orthodox medical establishment ? Because she was already confident in her knowledge and use of Homoeopathy! Remember, Elizabeth, the Queen Mother, lived, in good health, to 100yrs and her primary health care was tended to her by her Homoeopath!

Lionel's experience was gained in Australia when asked what could be done to help soldiers returning, in bits and traumatised, from the beaches of Gallipoli, the trenches of the Somme and worse. Lionel was quick to recognise that the experience had been so severe many were left speechless! Berti's suffering was caused by his brother, his father the King, and his nanny. He suffered in silence and abject misery. See the film. It's interesting and good.

The root of so many ailments is emotional and mental trauma. All too often as parents we fail to notice some incident or comment that hurt our children; sometimes we only find out many years later and then we feel 'sick' with guilt. Trauma happens; what is important is how it is dealt with.

With the young, did the parents, or someone, come to their rescue and protected them; made them feel safe? Or, when no help was available, for self preservation, the incident was deep in the tissues? But later when the 'body memory' without our conscious knowledge, is reminded, we become physically or mentally ill for no apparent reason. Or we go into denial and then live in fear, absolute fear, constantly alert for threats so much so that the body and mind become exhausted and sick. And we wonder why!

When unpleasant sensations are repeatedly experienced in specific areas of the body one can often relate this to an age or an event, when the traumatic incident occurred.

The recurrent sore throat can be an indication of an inability to speak out. No Voice equals No Choice! This is just an example but the role of the Homoeopath is to help the individual to come to the realisation that understanding and bringing resolution to the past allows one to take control of the future. Then day to day living can be fun as it should be.

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